About Me

Above all things, I love to write. I eat words for breakfast. I study vocabulary for fun. My dream is to write a memoir someday and my goal is to infect change around me.

Originally, I decided to go to school to study English, with an emphasis on rhetoric and writing. Recently, I have transitioned to the English Education program with the dream of becoming a fifth grade English teacher. Other top bucket list items include visiting Arizona, where I was born, and meeting my favorite author, Augusten Burroughs. I also want to find 100 four-leaf clovers. I search for them every day and so far, I have found 40 of them! Luck is always there if you look for it.

Why do I write? I write to share my experience with others. I write as a creative outlet. I write to communicate ideas. Most importantly, I write for myself, to sort and express my thoughts. Additionally, I aim to build connections within the blogging community and to relate to others through my experiences. Writing is a powerful tool that I plan to utilize to enhance the world around me.

Between the Waves revolves around mindfulness and mental health. Everybody has mental health and it is a part of each of our lives. Oftentimes, we take care of our physical selves but neglect our mental health. I want to emphasize the self-care necessary to prioritize mental health.

While everybody has mental health, not everybody has a mental illness. However, although not everybody lives with mental illness, most people know somebody who does. Both mental health and mental illness relate to everybody. I write about my lifestyle and my experiences with mental illness because I want to change the way society perceives mental illness and shatter the stigma associated with it. I want to promote understanding, acceptance, and compassion.

Mindfulness is how I have found salvation despite my struggle with mental illness. It is defined as the practice of paying attention to the present moment, without judgement. I strive to incorporate mindfulness into my life and as a result, I have learned to take life moment by moment, without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. I have learned to participate in my life with greater intention, acceptance, and grace.

This blog is the experience of just one out of 450 million people worldwide who live with mental illness. I want to advocate for every one of the individuals included in this statistic. By sharing my story, I hope to give voice to others and drive home the point that we are not alone. Our stories matter. Through the art of writing, I believe that I can affect social change.



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